About Us

We are an R&D company specialized in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to modernize your systems engineering enterprise.

About Us

We are a Technology
Solution Provider.

Our solutions go beyond vanilla MBSE with SysML. We know that systems engineering organizations are unique in terms of their methodologies, tools, and challenges. This is why our approach involves proposing unique solutions that address each customer's needs.

We have deep expertise in both technology (formal methods, semantic web, model driven development, etc) and engineering, a long with a long track record in R&D, allowing us to develop effective solutions for each customer.

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We Provide Solutions that Work.


We can take on MBSE related problems and develop effective innovative solutions.


We can study organization's unique challenges and advise on the best MBSE strategy.


We can deliver custom tailored training to initiate an MBSE team or take it to the next level.

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